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Luke and his dad flew all the way from Washinton to pick out Luke's first Beretta - A 687 Signature Series sub gauge combo set.  He was very excited! 


693 Sporting Arriving Now!

We have 12 gauge 30" barrels in stock.  They have a great game scene engraved receiver and nice wood.  Email us for pictures or stop in!


Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon I Field and Sporting


Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Field guns  - $1875

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting guns - $1950  


Check out the Silver Pigeon 1s


725 Golden Clays Trap Now in Stock in 32"! 



Citori CXS Sporting with factory adjustable comb

NOW ON SALE!!  ONLY $1995! 




Beretta 692 Trap Unsingle back in stock! 

We received a few 692 34" Unsingle trap guns - give us a call before they disappear again. 



New Browning Guns Arriving Daily!

Browning 725 MAX TRAP is here! Limited availability.  Factory adjustable rib, adjustable comb, gracoil unit with adjustable length of pull and recoil reduction.   $4999


Browning GoldenClays Sporting - Upgraded wood and Engraving, comes with factory adjustable comb.  NOW IN STOCK!


Browning 725 Sporting LEFT HAND guns arriving now! We have 12 gauge, 32" with or without factory adjustable comb and 30" with adjustable comb in stock now! 



Joel Etchen Guns Beretta Signature Series Silver Pigeon 3 20 & 28 Gauge Combo Sets are Now Available with 32" barrels!!  Check them out HERE!


Special Edition DT-11 Luxury

We've ordered a Limited Run of DT-11 Luxury Sporting guns with new game scene engraving! Check out the Premium Guns Page to see more! 

See Premium Guns Page

Have you checked out our line of Beretta Signature Series guns? 


Take a look at our Beretta Signature Series line of shotguns, available in Field, Sporting, Trap, or All Around, All with upgraded EELL Wood! 


Looking for a Beretta Sub Gauge Combo Set?  


Beretta Signature Series 687 Silver Pigeon 3 Trap Combo

Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon 3 Trap combos - 12 gauge, 34" adjustable rib single barrel and 32" Over Under barrels, Our adjustable comb added, upgraded EELL wood, Available in right or left hand versions.  Comes in case with 5 flush chokes

Check out the Trap guns HERE

The NEW 693 FIELD is now in stock. 

We have 12 gauge and 20 gauge with 28" barrels in stock.  They have a great new game scene engraved receiver and nice wood. 


Beretta 695 Field - HERE NOW

Beretta's new 695 Field, Available in 12 or 20 gauge with 28" barrels, grade 3 wood, 5 flush optima HP choke tubes, and beautiful scroll engraving. Comes in Beretta ABS plastic case. Call for Availability and Pricing!



691 410 and 28 gauge now in stock! 





Have you checked out the "Last Shot Sale" page yet?  

This is where we have some guns that are ready to find new homes! They are deeply discounted and priced to go! 


Beretta DT-11

Beretta DT-11

DT16337 - DT-11 Sporting 12 ga 30"

Beretta DT-11 Sporting clays gun - 12 gauge, 30" Steelium Pro barrels, Optima HP extended choke tubes (5 included), drop out trigger, comes in Plastic case.  


Benelli Supersport

Benelli Supersport Performance Shop

Supersport Performance Shop 12 ga 30"

Benelli SuperSport Performance Shop - 12 gauge, 30" barrel, factory ported, cased with 5 Benelli Crio Chokes.  Briley Tuned (lengthened forcing cone, backbored to .732, Weighted end cap, briley ez closer and charging handle, and 2 Briley Spectrum chokes (LM, SK)

MSRP $2,949

Krieghoff K-80

Krieghoff K-80 Sporting (Flat Rib)

soldK115004 - K-80 F/R Vienna Scroll Engraving 32"

K-80 Flat Rib Sporter - 12 gauge 32" barrels, Vienna Scroll engraving, factory adjustable comb, right handed #3 stock with #7 schnabel forearm, 5 titanium chokes included, comes in Negrini case. 

MSRP $16,395

Browning Citori

Browning Citori CXS

Citori CXS 12 gauge 30" with adjustable comb

Browning Citori CXS 12 gauge  with sporting clays stock and flat rib 30" barrels and factory adjustable comb. Comes with 3 Midas extended choke tubes

Our Price $2,200