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694 Sporting 12 gauge 32" bbls

694 Sporting 12 gauge 32" bbls Models

ST23684ST23684 - 694 Sporting 12 gauge 32" bbls1232Right Hand
ST23627ST23627 - 694 Sporting 12 gauge 32" bbls1232Right Hand
ST21376ST21376 - 694 Sporting 12 gauge 32" bbls1232Right Hand
ST23777ST23777 - 694 Sporting 12 gauge 32" bbls1232Right Hand

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Beretta 694 Sporting - 12 gauge, 32" Steelium plus barrels with Optima HP choke tubes, comes with B-fast stock weights, Optional under forearm weights sold seperately.  Dimensions are 35/50 mm (1 3/8" X 2"). Comes cased with 5 extended choke tubes.  


The winning edge

Designed and tested in collaboration with the Beretta Shooting Team, 694 is the new over-and-under platform designed specifically for competition shooting, with a precise objective in mind: to help shooters increase their success rate.

Thanks to a meticulous mechanical and ergonomic design process, the 694 represents a perfectly balanced over-and-under competition shotgun. Natural and immediate when shouldering, it features a precise swing and it’s easy to control.



Technical Features

The new shape of the action and the stock provide increased field of vision, while the new forend iron system allows the user to maintain the opening load constant over time, and the Steelium Plus barrels guarantee a dense, uniform pattern every time. The slim, modern design lends the 694 a "racing" feel, for a bold, winning look.








The ergonomics of the stock has been completely redesigned to provide the ideal configuration for every discipline. The first new feature is the way the action is bedded into the stock, where the profile of the action is accompanied by two progressive grooves, thus reducing the presence of obstacles in the field of view when shouldering the gun: this important development helps the shooter to avoid having to raise his/her head from the line of sight, a movement that often results in a "zero".

The trap version is available with a 29/39 and 35/45 drop, and the latter also features a B-Fast adjustable comb and a round or beaver-tail forend.

On the sporting version, the stock has been completely redesigned and features a widened blade and comb, and a lengthened pistol grip with palm swell in order to provide maximum comfort while ensuring the position of the hands is extremely natural and stable. It is available with drops of 35/50 and 35/55, and the latter also features a B-Fast adjustable heel and a round or Schnabel forend.

Both versions feature a length of pull of 375 mm with 18 mm MicroCore® recoil pad and centrally positioned trigger.

Both versions feature a length of pull of 375 mm with 18 mm MicroCore® recoil pad and centrally positioned trigger.




The 1.5 pitch checkering and increased surface area guarantee the best possible grip. The 2,5+ grade wooden components are treated with natural oil, for increased water resistance. 

It is possible to add 20 g and 40 g weights inside the stock to personalise the shotgun's balance (these may be purchased separately).


The new steel forend iron system improves the sensation when opening the gun, thanks to the redesigned geometry and the barrel hook, which is fitted with a replaceable latch that may be substituted by any Beretta Certified Dealer in order to maintain the owner's preferred loading configuration.
The forend coupling system has also been redesigned and now consists of a piston-operated stud in an advanced position, separate from the forend iron, and a self-regulating auget button.




The metallic surfaces, which are subject to overheating in continuous usage, have been drastically reduced, benefitting the shooter's hands. The newly designed, steel action has a modern, sporting look, and features side panels with a mirrored profile and diagonal lines underlined by a blue graphic design. The bottom of the action is decorated with Beretta's three arrows and 694 logo, again in blue, while the Nistan finishing lends it the typical matte grey colour.

The weight has been increased by approximately 25 g, again improving stability and balance. The gun features the classic Beretta closing system with trapezoidal shoulders and two rugged pins that protrude from the breech face and are inserted into their respective housings on the sides of the breech, while the front part of the action is fitted with two hinged studs that are inserted into the respective housings on the monoblock.


The trigger group features a three-position adjustable trigger and a fixed lock served by two robust coil springs mounted on spring guides

The firing selector, present on the sporting version only, is located inside the safety lever that features new checkering and ergonomics.

The steel top lever features a new, low profile and an anti-glare finish and has been designed to be ergonomic and easy to operate for both right and left-handed shooters.

The newly designed ejectors are fitted with powerful springs positioned behind the ejector slide and under the stop pads.




Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, Steelium is the barrel production technology which enables Beretta tri-alloy steel to become a true ballistic gem. Deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum distension provide the steel with mechanical characteristics that are ideal when superior ballistic performance has to be achieved.

The Steelium Plus barrels boast an internal tube profile with a highly elongated progressive triple cone that varies with the length of the barrel, reaching as far as 300 mm from the muzzle. The advantages are:

• more dense and uniform patterns with very high penetration and target hitting performance

• quicker and more accurate second shot

• reduction in perceived muzzle jump

The barrels are assembled as a monoblock with internal chrome plating, they feature fixed **/* chokes in the case of the trap version, while the sporting version is equipped with a set of 5 Optima Choke High Performance chokes.

The barrels are 70 mm chambered on the trap version and 76 mm on the sporting version and are available in lengths of 76 and 81 cm for the trap version and 71, 76 and 81 cm for the sporting version.



The 694 is already perfectly balanced when it leaves the factory, but more demanding shooters may use the optional B-Fast Balancing System to customise the configuration to suit their needs.

The 694 barrels are designed to accommodate a system of 15, 10 and 5 g weights that can be positioned in the five available slots in the muzzle and under the forend (the weights may be purchased separately). Thanks to the fitting system on the lateral rib openings, the weight is distributed along the whole length of the barrel, improving the weapon's swing and reducing muzzle jump but without causing any noise or vibrations during the shot. In addition, their design has been developed to perfectly fit the lateral ribs ensuring there is no risk of them being lost or visibility being impeded.

The B-Fast stocks are also designed to accommodate a series of 20 and 40 g weights, which may be purchased separately.


The top rib is ventilated via  a 10x8 profile on the sporting version and features a white front sight & feature a ventilated side rib.


Condition New
SKU J694E12
Manufacturer Beretta
Family 694
Discipline Sporting
Bore 12 Gauge
Barrel Length (in.) 32
Orientation Right Hand