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Joel and Ed enjoying some warm weather while Quail hunting. 




Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Sporting

BER5192 - Beretta JEG Signature Series SP3 Sporting Combo 28 gauge & 410 30" bbls

Beretta JEG Signature Series Sporting Combo - 28 ga and 410 bore combo set, 30" Sporting barrels with wider rib, front and mid beads, upgraded EELL Wood, comes in JEG Negrini upgraded case with 5 chokes for each gauge, gun is in super nice condition, maybe a handling mark or two.  


Our Price $3,895
Browning Citori 725 Trap

BRO1338 - 725 Pro Trap 12 gauge 32"

Browning 725 Pro Trap in 32". Includes original accessories: 5 extended DS choke tubes, weight system for stock, hi viz kit, and case.  Has a few handling marks on right-hand side of comb and stock.  Gun is 3 weeks young.  

Our Price $3,400
Beretta 692

BER2479 - 692 Sporting 12 gauge 32" barrels LEFT HAND

Beretta 692 Sporting - 12 gauge, 32" barrels left hand with 14" forcing cones, comes in original case with 5 Optima HP extended chokes.  

Gun is in very nice condition.  


Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Field

BER6930 - Beretta JEG Signature SP3 Field 20 ga. 28" straight stock

JEG Signature Series Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Field - 20 gauge with 28" barrels, upgraded wood on straight english stock, comes in a case with 5 flush choke tubes, gun was not used much and is in excellent condition.  

Our Price $2,995
Caesar Guerini Magnus Field

139420 - Caesar Guerini Magnus Limited Field 20 & 28 gauge combo 28" bbls

Caesar Guerini Magnus LTD Combo - 20 and 28 gauge set with 28" barrels, case colored game scene engraved receiver with gold birds, a few hundred rounds through each gauge, comes in a plastic case with choke tubes, excellent condition, just a few handling marks on the wood.  

Our Price $6,495
Ljutic Mono Trap

LJU3312 - Ljutic Mono Trap 12 gauge 34" fixed full choke

Ljutic Mono Trap - 12 gauge, 34" barrel with fixed Full choke  .035, High Grade LEFT HANDED wood, gun is super clean just like brand new!!, no blue wear, beautiful wood, comes in Americase. This gun was sold here new and shot very little, probably lessthan 500 rounds

Our Price $4,500
Fausti Class Signature

FAU879 - Fausti Signature Class Field 20/28 combo 28"

Fausti Signature Class Field Combo - 20 gauge and 28 gauge 28" barrels, upgraded AA+ walnut stocks with oil finish, case color receiver with golden quail, Prince of Wales grip, comes in hard case with 5 flush chokes per barrel.  Has an automatic safety, front bead only, and average drop dimensions of 1 1/2" x 2 1/4".  We order these special with our logo on them.  This one appears unfired.  AS NEW IN CASE. 

Our Price $3,950
Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport Trap Combo Allsport

E06204 - Elos N2 Allsport Type T Combo 12 GA 30" O/U & 34" UNSINGLE

Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport Type-T Combo - 12 gauge, 30" O/U and 34" Unsingle barrels, factory adjustable comb, O/U comes with 2 interchangable ribs (POI of 50/50 & 65/35), Unsingle with 70/30 POI, 5 Exis HP Extended choke tubes, 14" Length of pull. Comes in Fabarm plastic case.  Unfired

Our Price $4,700
Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Trap

BER6519 - Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Trap Over Under

Beretta 687 JEG Signature series Silver Pigeon III Trap  -  12 gauge with 32" over under barrels, raised fixed rib at about 70/30 POI, Optima barrels with optima flush choke tubes, adjustable comb, comes in plastic case.  Very nice condiiton.  

Our Price $3,495
Browning Citori 725

BRO0071 - Browning 725 Medallion High Grade Sporter 12 gauge 32" bbls

Browning 725 Medallion Sporting - One of Browning's High Grade series from 2022 - 12 gauge with 32" factory ported barrels, Blued receiver with scroll engaving and gold accents, Grade IV turkish walnut stock, gun is in super nice condition, comes in Browning branded negrini case with 5 extended Invector DS choke tubes. 

Browning Citori GTI

SOLD BRO34271 - Browning Citori GTI Sporting 12 gauge w/28" bbls

Browning Citori GTI Gold Sporting - 12 gauge with 28" factory ported barrels, invector plus choke tubes (a few extended and a few flush included), a few light handling marks on the stock, but otherwise very nice condition, no visible blue wear, comes in trunk case.  

Our Price $1,675
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting

SOLD-LA BER7342 - Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting 12ga 30" bbls

Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting - 12 gauge with 30" Optima HP barrels, comes in Beretta plastic case with 5 flush Optima HP choke tubes, a few small handling marks on the wood, about 96% condition. 

Our Price $1,895
Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon V Sporting

22217 - Silver Pigeon V Sporting 12 gauge 32" B-Fast Adjustable

687 Silver Pigeon V Sporting - 12 gauge 32" barrel. glossy oil finish wood, B-fast Adjustable Comb, comes with 5 extended Optima HP chokes, and includes blue factory case.   Unfired in case.


Our Price $4,199