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Remington 870 trap

17308V - Rudy Etchen's 870 Gun

One of Rudy Etchen's Remington 870 guns,  F Grade with Etchen Special stock, 1-3/8 by 1-1/4 by 2 with length of pull 14-1/4,Oval Engraved with his name, great condition for a 1950s era gun, comes with picture of him shooting it in Sun Valley Idaho, Very Rare F grade Remingotn 870 without gold.

Our Price $4,500
Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company (CSMC) A-10 American

A10-001757/8 - PAIR of A-10 American 28 gauge guns with 30" barrels

Matched Pair of CSMC 28 gauge A-10 Sidelock ejector single trigger game guns with cases.  Both guns are 28 gauge (2 3/4" chamber), 30" choke tubed bbls, case hardened receivers with a fine scroll engraving, Both guns come in Canvas covered Americases. Guns appear to be unfired, a few tiny handling marks. 

Gun #757 - Dimensions are 1 7/16" X 2 3/16" with a 14 5/8" Lenth of pull to fitted leather covered pad

Gun #758 - Dimensions are 1 1/2" X 2 1/4" with a 14 5/8" length of pull to fitted leather covered pad

Our Price $16,500
Browning Citori Crossover

BRO10479 - Citori Crossover 12 ga 30"

Browning Citori Crossover - 12 gauge, 30" barrels, mid height rib, comes with 3 chokes, some handling marks on the wood, gun is nice and tight.  Made for all clay target sports.  About 92% condition. Comes in box. 

Our Price $1,395
Beretta DT-10 Trap

BER1036 - DT-10 Trident Trap 30" O/U only

Beretta DT10 Trident trap - 12 gauge, 30" over under barrels, factory adjustable comb, comes in case with 7 flush optima choke tubes, barely a mark on it, super nice condition.  


Our Price $4,295
Beretta Jubilee

BER175C - Jubilee 410 bore, 28" barrels

Beretta Jubilee - 410 bore with 28" barrels, Converted to manual safety, beautiful scroll engraving, nice leather case, maybe one or two very small handling marks, comes with 2 extended skeet chokes and 4 flush chokes. Very very nice condition.

Our Price $9,250
Benelli Legacy Field

BEN02625 - Legacy Field 28 gauge, 26" UNFIRED

Benelli Legacy 28 gauge with 26" barrel, comes in case with 5 flush choke tubes, gun weighs around 5 lbs. UNFIRED and AS NEW condition.  

Our Price $1,550
Perazzi MX-8

PER92984 - Perazzi MX-8 Top Combo - 32/34

Perazzi MX-8 Trap - 32" Over Under and 34" Top Single, Adjustable comb and adjustable butt pad, 15 1/4" Length of pull, Top barrel is 740 bore with 705 choke (35 - full), O/U barrel is 730 bore with 710 choke on top and 700 on bottom (20/30 mod/full).  about 94% condition, comes in case. 92,xxx serial range, some slight blue wear on edges. 


Beretta SV-10 Prevail

BER25031 - SV-10 Prevail Trap 12ga 32" with kickoff

SV-10 Prevail Trap - 12 gauge, 32" barrels, Kickoff recoil reducer, some handling marks on the wood, comes in a case with 5 flush chokes.  

Our Price $2,050
SKB 685

*SOLD* SKB89217 - SKB 685 3 barrel skeet set 20/28/410 with 28" bbls

SKB 685 Skeet set - 20, 28, & 410 all 28", 13" Length of pull with kickeez pad, very nice wood, a few small handling marks, choke tubes in the 20 & 28 barrels, 410 is fixed Sk/Sk.  Comes in case, very nice condition.  

Our Price $2,295
SKB 885 Trap Combo

SKB06272 - SKB 885 Trap Top Combo 30"/32"

SKB 885 Trap top combo -  30" over under with 32" top single, choke tubes, false side plate model, good shape with case, 14-1/8" length of pull

Our Price $1,800
Beretta Barrels only

680 Series 20 ga barrels for 12 ga frame

NEW - Beretta 680 Series barrels, 20 gauge to fit 12 gauge frame. Barrels are matte blued, 29 1/2" long, come with 5 flush choke tubes, wider sporting rib with front and middle beads.  The barrels can be fitted to 682, 686, or 687 receivers.  These are new barrels and they will require fitting.  

Our Price $1,250
Beretta Barrels Only

680 Series X-Trap Optima 34" adjustable rib Unsingle barrel

NEW - Beretta 680 Series X-Trap Bottom Single barrel - 12 gauge, 34" barrel with raised adjustable trap rib. Comes with 1 Optima flush IM choke.   This barrel can be fitted to 682, 686, or 687 receivers.  This is a new barrel and will require fitting.  

Our Price $1,600
Beretta Barrels Only

680 Series 28 ga barrels for 20 ga frame

NEW - Beretta 680 Series barrels, 28 gauge to fit 20 gauge frame. Barrels 28" long, come with 5 flush choke tubes, narrow field rib and front bead.  Barrels include forearm and iron.  The barrels can be fitted to 686 or 687 receivers.  They will require fitting.  

Our Price $1,250
Browning BT-99

BRO23047 - BT-99 32" barrel fixed choke with ejector

Older Browning BT-99 Single Barrel Trap - 12 gauge, 32" barrel with fixed full choke, some slight scaring on the face of the receiver, some slight blue wear on trigger guard, very nice condition for older gun.  

Our Price $875
Browning Citori 625

BRO1143 - 625 Sporting 12ga 30"

Browning Citori 625 Sporting - 12 gauge, 30" barrels, factory ported, nice wood, comes with 6 extended Invector plus choke tubes, excellent condition. 

Our Price $1,895
Browning Citori 725 Field

bro33651 - 725 Field 410 28"

725 Field Grade 1 - 410 gauge with 28" barrels, comes in box with 3 choke tubes, game scene engraving. Very nice shape. Less than a year old.

Our Price $1,550
Benelli Cordoba

BER031433 - Cordoba 20 ga 28" bbl

Benelli Cordoba- 20 gauge, 28" barrel, factory ported, comes in Benelli case with 5 extended Crio Chokes, gun is in UNFIRED/AS NEW condition.  


Our Price $1,450
Beretta DT-10 Trident

BER9368 - DT-10 Trident Sporting 30"

Beretta DT10 Trident Sporting - 12 gauge, 30" optima bore barrels with 5 extended optima choke tubes, comes in case, some handling marks on the wood, about 92% condition.

Our Price $4,500
Beretta DT-11 Trap

BER05236 - DT-11 International Trap 32"

Beretta DT-11 International Trap gun 32" with flat rib, stock dimensions 1-5/16 by 1-3/4"  with length of pull 14-3/4" one scratch on end of barrel, Fixed F/IM chokes, wood prestine, cased

Our Price $5,895
Blaser F16 Sporting

BL07010 - Blaser F16 Sporting 12ga 30" W/Gr. 4 wood

F-16 Sporting with 12 gauge, 30" barrels, Grade 4 wood, 5 extended Briley spectrum choke tubes, comes in Blaser plastic case.  AS NEW Condition!! 

Our Price $3,895