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Understanding our Signature Sporters

We offer two unique sporters in the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III (SPIII) Joel Etchen Guns Signature line. They are the Signature Sporter and the All Around Gun (AAG).

Let's start, first, with what is similar about these Signature sporters.  Both are built on the tested Beretta 680 platform and both are offered in 30" and 32" barrel lengths.  Further similarities are below:

  • Upgraded wood and receiver engraving
  • JEG Special logo on bottom of receiver
  • Beretta Optima extended chokes (5 total - IM, M, IC, SK, CL)
  • Beavertail forearm
  • 3 position trigger
  • With palm swell aligned to the hand of the gun - left hand left side, right hand right side
  • Metal midbead and white Bradley style front bead
  • Manual safety
  • Beretta plastic case


The differences between these two guns lay in their stock dimensions.  While both are upgraded wood stocks, the dimensional differences arrive at different gun fit for users.  Below is a layout of the dimensional setup of the Signature Sporter:

The stock is setup is a conventional dropaway.  The distance between the stock and a straight line drawn from the rib increases as the distance from the receiver increases. Measurements are approximately 1 1/2" at the comb and 2 3/8" at the heel.  

Below is a layout of the dimensional setup of the AAG:

The stock is setup is a low parallel Monte Carlo.  The dimension from a straight line draw down the rib is consistent as the distance from the receiver increases.  In this version, regardless of where a shooter places their face on the stock the sight profile down the rib will be the same.  So a shooter can shoot with their face pushed forward or more heads-up on the stock without affecting the site picture.  Measurements are approximately 1 5/8" across the comb.  

Both guns can have an adjustable comb added for further adjustability in fit .  As all shooters are different, each presents a different approach to fitting you better.